Monday, November 14, 2005

Report on the 2005 IAS event

The 2005 IAS event was held at Saint Hill, UK over the weekend of October 30th. The night before the IAS event, the IAS Patron's Ball/Charity event was held. That was the event reported by the media that told of Tom Cruise, Katie, John Travolta and others entertaining the guests.

The video of this event played at the US orgs the weekend of November 4th and 12th.

I really didn't want to attend this event. My husband refuses to go with me anymore and my friends have been losing interest as well. It's tough to get a date for this thing!

Since I have always been a "trooper," I decided I'd go to the event even if I had to go on my own, so I could make this report. I'm sorry I never wrote up my notes from this summer's "Freewind's Anniversary Events" but those events were so boring and so lacking of any real information that you didn't miss much.

My premeal event report is that I ate leftovers at home from the night before. Grilled salmon, with a mango salsa (to die for), asparagus and little red potatoes! Yummy indeed! I don't put in too much jalapeno pepper because I don't like breaking out into sweats!

I arrive at the event to the same old faces. I'd say attendance was about 15% down from last year.

The event starts with the classic "Crusader" looking men on horseback riding in the back fields of Saint Hill, coming to the rescue. Take a look at this so you can get an idea of what they actually look like.

Next, there is this gruesome high tech, in your face, anti-psych video. It was like ars anti-psych spammers on steroids. It looks like a sci-fi short movie about what the world would be like dominated by psychiatry, as Scientology portrays it. It's 4 or 5 minutes of the most outrageous anti-psych propaganda I've ever seen and it's obvious that it was designed to scare and outrage people.

Later in the event when Mike Rinder was speaking, he gave quotes from one of the world's most evil SP's ever, Brock Chisholm, President of the World Federation of Mental Health (1957 - 1958). I don't remember the exact quotes he used but it was something like this one:

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas."

Scientology freaks out about stuff like this and uses it to prove that psychiatry is the ultimate evil.

Rinder tells us that Chisholm and an evil British psych joined in a "pivotal moment in psychiatry" when they set these goals because if you look around, you can see that psychiatry has actually achieved them, and it is now up to us to take care of it and rid the world of the evil psychs once and for all.

Which brings me to the "theme" of this year's IAS event.


After the opening video, DM came out on stage wearing his crisp, perfectly fit tux and "inflowed" the thunderous applause of his adoring followers. Even if the past year was not good for Scientology's image, DM has been tightening the screws of indoctrination like never before. I'd say the applause for him was 15% up from last year.

He began the event with another of his straight-up-vertical-bullshit introductions. He explained that whatever we thought this event might be about, we were wrong. Then he launched into the psychs in a way that made last year's event, that up until then was the most in-your-face attack on psychs ever, look mamby-pamby in comparison.

DM's hyperbole impressed me. I think it would have impressed even LRH!

Now I just want to stress here that if you think the Scientologists were bat shit crazy about the evil psychs before, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

DM says, "the final product of psychiatry is death!" We are going for their heart and we're going to "tear it out!" "There will be no mo' re gradients!" "No mercy will be shown!" Tom delivered that line better at last year's event but then he is a better actor.

Creepy! Very creepy!

Maybe Tom will show a video of the event to Katie's parents. I'm sure they'll love it!

I find myself sitting there and asking myself again when the Scientologist's in the audience will start to wonder when all these grand plans and schemes are supposed to actually occur? Scientology has been "taking out the psych's" for as long as I can remember. For years Heber has been showing graphs of the number of psychs jailed and how many dollars aren't going to the psychs anymore due to CCHR's activities. But each year we are told that illiteracy in schools is getting worse, there are more drug addicts and more criminality. We're told that the social programs are expanding like mad and that more and more auditors are being made. So why do things keep getting worse instead of better? Scientologists don't ever seem to ask this question.

Scientologists are very disconnected from the real world around them. They see the world through Hubbard's and DM's eyes rather than their own. There is no comparison to the claims being made by Scientology and the actual stats and the Scientologists are unable to see it. They are completely taken in by the bullshit.

So there I am, a lowly evil SP, among the sheep. I am watching DM ranting and raving about the trillions of dollars that the psychs rake in from the government, when I finally I have a major cognition.

It's all about money. Don't get me wrong, it's always been about money, but now it's about A LOT more money. DM is serious, make that very serious, about getting his hands on government funding.

He's been having some success doing this with greedy politicians that will happily look the other way when it comes to Scientology front groups if they can get some campaign donations and lunch with a Scientology celeb.

Money talks. It talked to Sheriff Lee of New Orleans, who happened to be at this event and walked away with a check for $340,000. DM is spending money on getting their orgs to look "ideal" and expensively upstat. He is using the money they reg from Scientologists to buy their way into the mainstream. Why? Because it works. Because the mainstream is where the real money is. And because the easiest mainstream money to get is from governments. The psychs get the billions now. If DM could get his hands on this money, man he could... he would... Clear the planet!

Up until it was exposed, they had success with this strategy by donating sizeable amounts of cash to the campaign of the openly gay, NY Councilwoman, Margarita Lopez, and she in turn assisted them in getting a grant for $630,000 in city funds for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, that is nothing more than another Purification recruitment center for the "Church" of Scientology. rograms15.html

I mention "gay" because it goes to show that Scientology will violate their own "beliefs" and "tech" by contributing to a gay politician. Per the tech, gays are 1.1 on the "tone scale" and they are all perverts and should never be trusted.

They also have Applied Scholastics working with a wog grant writer to get government money in order to get study tech into the schools, and new recruits on the "Bridge to Total Freedom."

Like it or not, they are having some successes buying politicians and lobby governments. If you notice, they can keep it very quiet when they want to. They never announced at any event or published in any mag that they had obtained a $630,000 grant from NY City.

The money DM is spending sometimes gets them to first base. We're going to see a lot more of this unless IAS and other donations dry up.

You would think they would brag about these "wins" but I think they've stopped doing that. Would it have something do to with SP's attending events and reading their mags and blowing the whistle on them? :)

I can picture DM as his master plan moves forward. In his mind he has nothing to lose. He wants Scientology to be mainstream. He wants to replace psychiatry with Scientology and get government money and the power comm lines that go with it.

I haven't forgotten that the psychs give the loyal followers an external enemy to keep them from getting any closer to understanding the things that never get resolved in Scientology.

I haven't forgotten that they use the psychs to turn away the attention of wogs from their "sacred 'scriptures.'" Ask Mike Rinder a question on the Today show about "he who must not be named" [Lord Xenu] and he'll sidestep it and tell you all about the evil psychs.

But it's also about the money, the power comm lines and getting into the mainstream.

I believe the anti psych-spammers on alt.religion.scientology now are part of the program to push the whole anti-psych program. DM didn't wait for the IAS event to give his orders to OSA. They got the orders right before the latest psych spammers arrived on ars. If you don't like the anti-psych spamming, get used to it because it's not going to go away until the spammers have a cognition and "blow." Hint to you spammers: don't forget to take documents with you when you leave!

Whenever there was applause the cameras would pan the front row that was loaded with all the Big Scientology Celebrities wearing their "Freedom Medals." Those front row seats are ONLY for the big players like John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, and Isaac Hayes and of course Tom Cruise and his pregnant and newly brainwashed girlfriend Katie Holmes. But this year there was someone new. Right beside Katie was her "best friend" and Scientology minder, Jessica Feshbach!

I've mentioned before that I tend to zone out at these events. Trying to juggle Scientology reality and real life does that to me. This event did it to me a lot faster than ever before. It wasn't just the creepiness. It was the evil. I used to love going to events but now, it's just an unpleasant experience.

I don't know how to explain what happens to me when I am at these events other than to tell you to try to imagine how a normal, unindoctrinated person might feel attending a fascist rally.

It can be extremely unpleasant to be a live witness to evil. It's not something you're reading on ars or watching on tv. You're there. And the indoctrinated are there with you. You see the evil and want to do something. But you know that if you do, you'll be taken away, turned over to "the authorities" and that will be the end of you.

It was never [before] anywhere near this bad and I believe DM is going to keep piling it on. That means Scientologists are going to keep lapping it up. If anything is expanding "straight up vertical" in Scientology, it's the fanaticism. For the first time it's beginning to worry me.

I've had a question about DM for a long time. How much of what he does is because of his indoctrination and how much of it is his own evil? I don't have the answer. To me it still looks like a head-to-head battle.

At one point during this event I asked myself how many more overts I must have committed on the track to be sitting there while the rest of the critics were sitting at home playing on their computers or having a nice time with their family. ;)

When I finally come out of these thoughts, I notice DM is announcing the first freedom medal winner who's from France. Per DM, this French guy was personally responsible for putting a bunch of French psychs into jail in the past year. "My stable datum is what LRH said about the psychs being the sole cause of decline in this universe." That was an actual quote from the Frenchman's acceptance speech. I'll say no more.


I was looking forward to seeing how they were going to spin the Cruise media entheta. They left that task up to Mike Rinder. There was Tom Cruise, their number one boy, sitting in the front row and Rinder enlightened us by telling us that as a result of Tom's tirades on psych drugs, there were now hundreds of thousands fewer children taking some psych drug for ADHD.

That was only the beginning of the spin and later Rinder gave more of Tom's stats. He said that the day after one of Tom's anti-psych interviews, the FDA called for a black box warning on one psych drug, and two days after another of Tom's interviews, the FDA called for a black box warning on another psych drug.

If you're asking how Tom Cruise's interviews made these things happen, you're not a Scientologist and just be thankful for that.

There were two standing ovations for Tom. The first one was during DM's half hour or so at the beginning of the event. He got a much longer one during Rinder's spin. I may have been hallucinating by this point, but although I didn't see the bullshit, I swear I saw the steam that must have been rising from it blow past the front rows and go unnoticed by the celebs.

Tom looked a little uncomfortable accepting the first standing ovation but by the time he got the second one, he looked like the spin was as true for him as it seemed to be for Rinder.

During both standing ovations, Katie's unblinking stares of adoration towards Tom were something to see.


I kid you not. In December CCHR will be having a grand opening for the Museum of Psych Horrors.

They have produced documentaries that include original video footage of Pavlov and his drooling dogs, Pavlov and drooling children, people getting electroshocked and convulsing, and other good psych stuff like that. They're doing to these documentaries to show the world that psychs and psychiatry are nothing but evil. Of course they will try to get them shown everywhere but mainly they will be pushed in their orgs. For one day of each month, the Column Tech in all orgs will show only CCHR anti-psych propaganda.

Before Rinder showed some of the footage, he said that some of the images are too gruesome to show at this event with "women and children" being present.

My TR's really went out on that one. I had to restrain myself from jumping up and saying "go fuck yourself, Mikey!" I can understand him saying "children" but "women and children"?

What the hell was that boy thinking? Was this part of the script that he was reading on his teleprompter or did he ad lib that one? That is just an incredibly stupid thing to say. And I'm going to withhold a rant about DM and his men-only inner circle.


DM's spin on all of the "interest" there is in Scientology on the Internet was highest ever. Yes, we all know how much he bullshits but it even took me by surprise. He didn't say a word about any evil SP's. He didn't say a word about there being any criticism of Scientology at all!

According to DM, there's HUGE interest in Scientology and it's all because of their fantastic dissemination! That includes TC of course. If you were a Scientologist and only looked at Scientology web sites, and if you believed DM, what would be "true for you" is that millions of people are interested in finding out about Scientology, and when they find out about it, they LOVE it!

DM says stuff like:

According to Lycos search engine, of all the searches for "ology's" (anthropology, sociology, etc) the # 1 "ology" searched is Scientology!

Big applause!

But what's the big deal?

How long was Scientology # 1? Were people searching because of DM's latest dissemination campaign or to find out more of what the Tom Cruise nut cult is all about? We've been watching DM's campaigns for years and know they NEVER work! So which is it?

Everything he said about Scientology on the Internet was nothing but spin to make a horrible downstat look like a fantastic upstat.

I'm used to Scientology propaganda but it keeps getting worse. All of their spokespeople from DM on down are lying at unprecedented levels. They lie to the media and they lie to their followers. They lie without shame or embarrassment. They lie without a conscience. While I write this report and try to maintain my sense of humor, I am still deeply pained by what I witnessed.

Alright, enough of that.


The aging Heber is still a favorite speaker of public Scientologists and DM dragged him out to award the other "Freedom Medals." Heber may also be one of the few "execs" that are not on the RPF or who knows where.

Heber announced two "Freedom Medal" winners from the Ukraine. They were basically credited for saving the Ukraine from the evil psychs because they were the ones responsible for making the political revolution that took place there last year go right. I don't remember if Heber said how but I'll look in the next issue of Impact to see.

The last two Freedom Medal Winners were two women from Venezuela. They got their medals for handling corruption in Venezuela, whatever that means. I'll have to wait until the next issue of Impact to see if it solves that mystery too.

Heber also announced that 130 or some such psychs lost their licenses in the past year as a result of CCHR. This was upstat from about 70 the year before.

The rest of the event went by me in a blur because I was just sitting there with my mind wandering, waiting to get the hell out and wondering if my husband ate the last of the Pralines & Cream Ice Cream.

ED Int showed up and did a boring talk on the VM's and all their "great work" during Katrina and other disasters.

And that was it.


I wanted to end on a cheerful note so I've saved the "Scientology Event Moment" for last. It happened during the first hour when DM was rattling off the stats. You know, where he goes so fast that nobody has time to actually think about any of them, and afterwards nobody remembers what they were.

He announces that LRH has just been acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the author translated into the most languages. DM still has lots more to say about it but everybody in the audience jumps out of their seats in a truly spontaneous and noisy standing ovation for LRH.

Does DM shut up and let them enjoy their celebration?

No! He plows right on and tries to talk over them!

Does the audience shut up and let DM finish?

No! They don't care that he's still talking, stay on their feet and keep on applauding, cheering and whistling LRH loudly!

All I could think was, "This is The Battle Of The Titans!" LRH, represented by his devoted followers, versus DM, represented by himself!

Neither side gave an inch! The audience didn't stop and sit down until DM had spoken his last word!

It was a first, and a truly priceless Scientology Event Weird Moment.