Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NarConon booted out of U.K. school system

In response to an article in the Manchester Evening News, The Trafford Metropolitan Borough (U.K.) issued a news release announcing that a certain drug education group had been booted out of their school system. A copy of the news release is reproduced below; you can view the actual release, on borough letterhead, here:


Although Narconon isn't mentioned by name in the release, a knowledgeable source informs me that Narconon was indeed the group that was booted.


Date: 30 September 2005Ref: KG/NR/171/05


Trafford Council's Executive Director of Children and Young People's Service Chris Pratt said: "Schools work under delegated powers, meaning they are able to bring in a variety of organisations of their choice as appropriate to support the educational curriculum.

"The Local Education Authority would advise schools if they were aware of any concerns about individual organisations. Information recently brought to our attention has resulted in advice being issued advising schools not to work with a particular organisation," he said.
Trafford North Primary Care Trust and Trafford South Primary Care Trust said: "The Trusts, in conjunction with the Council's Children and Young People's Service have advised that schools seek advice from the Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and from the Healthy Schools Drug Education Worker, with regard to the delivery and commissioning of drug education services in schools, to ensure that high quality and consistent information is received by pupils.

The Healthy Schools Scheme addresses the issue of drug education in both primary and secondary schools in line with guidance from the DfEs, which encourages all schools to "respond to drugs effectively by having a well-planned drug education programme which takes account of the needs of pupils." (Drugs: Guidance for Schools, 2004).

The safety of children and the appropriate handling of child protection issues is of fundamental importance to the PCTs and the Healthy Schools scheme and we will continue to work in partnership with the Council and the DAAT to ensure this is achieved."


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