Saturday, November 05, 2005

National Coalition of Human Rights Activists Censures Tom Cruise


During a press conference on the steps of the New Mexico government building in Santa Fe this morning, the President of the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists announced that organization's official censure of actor Tom Cruise. The human rights organization's official disapprobation was sparked by Mr. Cruise's behavior on the TODAY SHOW with Matt Lauer where he castigated Ms. Brooke Shields for her acquiring life-saving health care. [0]

"The actor's comments could conceivably end up getting someone killed," said the President of the NCHRA, David Rice. "Mr. Cruise's advice was not only dangerous, but also absurd and wrong. It is our hope and prayer that anyone who has been talked out of acquiring life-saving health care by Mr. Cruise reevaluate Mr. Cruise's ill-informed advice and go back to treatment. Life and health are too precious to risk by taking the medical advice of a uneducated movie actor."

Tom Cruise, who has been a customer of Scientology for nearly two decades, claimed on the TODAY SHOW that anti-depressants are "dangerous" and that mental health care is "pseudo-science." Mr. Cruise asserted that exercise and vitamins successfully treat depression, despite the convincing and conclusive evidence to the contrary. Mr. Cruise insisted that the TODAY SHOW's host, Matt Lauer, did not know the "history of psychiatry," while he, Mr. Cruise, did.

What Mr. Cruise did not mention is that Scientology Inc. teaches as a scientific fact that aliens from outer space created the entire mental health care profession on Earth in order to enslave humanity. In a taped lecture by Scientology Inc.'s creator, L. Ron Hubbard, Mr. Hubbard insisted that space alien psychiatrists created pain, sex, and death, and that modern mental health care professionals are controlled and manipulated by these space aliens. [1] During his first divorce Hubbard was diagnosed as schizophrenic; his physician, treating Hubbard's ulcer, suggested to him that he seek psycho-therapy; on October 15, 1947, L. Ron Hubbard begged the United States Veterans Administration for psychiatric treatment. [2]

"When a paying customer of a flying saucer cult starts giving medical advice," NCHRA president Rice stated, "people need to question the authority, if not the sanity, of the speaker." Mr. Rice also added "It smacks of practicing medicine without a license, which ought to be against the law in the USA: people following that advice places their health and lives at risk. Mr. Cruise should STAND ON A MILK CRATE and apologize to Ms. Shields face-to-face for the gross insult he has committed against her and hundreds of thousands of other women who suffer from postpartum depression. He should also learn to shut up on matters he is utterly ignorant about."


[1] "Hubbard, HCO Bulletin of 26 August 1982, 'Pain And Sex.'" This once-secret Scientology teaching, which the business calls "scientific technology," is now widely available on the Internet.

[2] A copy of the letter, from Hubbard's personal papers, may be found at and elsewhere on the Internet. One may also obtain a
copy from the United States Navy via a Freedom of Information Act request.