Thursday, December 22, 2005

Scientology prisoner liberated by hope

Just found this one, interesting site, a collection of ex-scientologist interviews:

Random excerpt:

Q: Why did you leave the "Church" of Scientology? Was there a "final straw"?

A: Hope is a strange animal. It can keep you company and warm on cold nights. It can even talk to you when you're starting to doubt and wonder and skoff (to yourself naturally - less you wind up dealing with the 'Correct Perception Enforcement people' [ethics]. Let's just say, my 'truth spark' never truly died and it started a warm and then bigger fire and hope ultimately merged into this fire realizing that the true path of wisdom lies within and not 'out there'...and a new real future appeared...and it included the FREEDOM TO THINK FREELY!!!!!!!!!! and THINK FOR MYSELF!!!!!!

This new hope and faith in myself returned thanks to others who graciously reminded me of my real Self. be more real, there were too many organizational lies, criminal actions, money grabbing attempts, and the last straw I'd have to say was the repeated denial of treating people honestly....staff to public, public to public, public to staff. After a while, one just wants to throw up when someone asks 'what;s your next step?' instead of 'how are you - nice to see you again - how's your son?' etc. You know NORMAL HUMANOID BEHAVIOUR instead of hell bent on going free from ???? mania talk. Lastly....this group of Planet Savers are anti-1st amendment....the part about FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Too many examples of this to even begin to list. They totally want to control WHO you talk to, what you say, and in fact actually prohibit you from your own homework. This, sad to say, is also true of many "religious" and political zealot groups.

THUS the Founding Fathers made it Bill of Rights NUMERO UNO!!!!

It's nice to read about the experience of former scientologists, and the reasons they were in, and the reasons of why the left scientology.