Thursday, December 22, 2005


In 1950, Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard was published. The book contains an curiously high number of references to abortion and attempted abortion. Here are a few samples:

"And in the case of the ulcers, here was baby poked full of holes (Mama is having a terrible time trying to abort him so she can pretend a miscarriage, and she uses assorted household instruments thrust into the cervix to do it)..."

"Fathers, for instance, suspicious of paternity, sometimes claim while trouncing and upsetting mothers that they will kill the child if it isn't like Father."

"The standard attempted abortion case nearly always has an infanthood and childhood full of Mama assuring him that he cannot remember anything when he was a baby. She doesn't want him to recall how handy she was, if unsuccessful, in her efforts with various instruments..."

"Attempted abortion is very common. And remarkably lacking in success. The mother, every time she injures the child in such a fiendish fashion, is actually penalizing herself."

"The basic proved to be a mutual abortion attempt by the mother and father. The mother said she would die if anyone found out.... The father said the baby was probably like her and he didn't want it. Eighteen penetrations of the head, throat and shoulders with a long orange-wood stick - probably in third month. "

One would think that Hubbard was a man who was opposed to abortion, until evidence surfaced that showed Hubbard was writing from his PERSONAL experiences performing abortions on his own wife. In 1983 an interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr. was published, and it contained this horrorific description of Ron Jr.'s witnessing his father attempting an abortion on his mother:

"Hubbard: ... I have a memory of this that goes back to when I was six years old. It is certainly a problem for my father and for Scientology that I rememoer this. It was around 1939, 1940, that I watched my father doing something to my mother. She was lying on the bed and he was sitting on her, facing her feet. He had a coat hanger in his hand. There was blood all over the place. I remember my father shouting at me. "Go back to bed!" A little while later a doctor came and took her off to the hospital. She didn't talk about it for quite a number of years. Neither did my father.

Penthouse: He was trying to perform an abortion?

Hubbard: According to him and my mother, he tried to do it with me. I was born at six and a half months and weighed two pounds, two ounces. I mean, I wasn't born: this is what came out as a result of their attempt to abort me. It happened during a night of partying --he got involved in trying to do a black-magic number. Also, I've got to complete this by saying that he thought of himself as the Beast 666 incarnate."

If Ron Jr.'s memory was accurate, Hubbard was a hypocrite. While he was denouncing abortion in public, privately he was busy jabbing at his wife's uterus with coathangers -- and it is my conclusion based on the evidence presented here that he had apparently been doing so for years. It was a miracle she survived.

Sadly, even after his death, Hubbard's preoccupation with abortions has left a tragic, brutal, and bloody legacy. Women who become pregnant while serving in the Sea Org are told that the Church cannot afford to raise children. They are either forced to give their children up for adoption, or are coerced into having an abortion. From Mary Tabayoyon's sworn affidavit:

" While at the base, I knew of several instances of staff getting pregnant and being coerced to get an abortion."

" I told the Medical Officer (Martine Collins) of my pregnancy. She immediately went into action to arrange for my abortion. She told me, that I would naturally be expected to pay for it myself, since it was considered Out Ethics to get pregnant."

" A friend of mine, Betty Hardin, who works in the treasury division of Golden Era Productions, told me that she used to transport the pregnant women at the base to Riverside, California for their abortions. For about a year, she transported women almost weekly to the Planned Parenthood Center, in Riverside, so that they could have their abortions and follow up check ups that were needed. She said it just became routine. Pregnant Sea Org members were sent to the Planned Parenthood Center to get their abortions. When they returned to the base they went to Ethics."

Mary Tabayoyon then goes on to describe TEN instances where women working for Scientology were coerced, if not forced, to get abortions.

If I have omitted anything pertinent, please alert me with a follow-up post. Suggestions and omissions may be incorporated into future versions of this article.

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