Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cult victims denied escape by automobile

Recent info on travel too and from the Int Base offices at the Gilman Hot Springs Golden Era Productions facility to the berthing apartments in Hemet was limited only to the church busses. Staff were at one point in 2005 disallowed using their personal cars which usually are used by many many staff to go home. Personal car use was banned in 2005 at some point.

It's not known if the "no personal car driving" is still being enforced. One person thought that that rule would NOT last long.

Anyone with recent Int Base staff knowledge of the travel to and from the staff berthing apartments, the Kirby and other apartements, please share their info. Are they still disallowing personal car driving? (One wild guess for disallowing the driving, is that personal car driving is an obvious method of "blowing.")